Thursday, 16 October 2014

Best of my Facebook profile pictures: random and sexy

Yes, yes, I know. My last few blogs have been a tad too serious and tame. But worry no more! Sarcastic Yogi listens and does not disappoint... well actually I am feeling a little lazy and under the influence of cold medicine... here's a bunch of random and sexy pictures I found on the internet and used as my Facebook profile picture. Of course I may have stuck in one or two yoga related photos in there. Ya gotta get some yoga in no matter what, ya know, 'cos the asshole guru John Sans Testicles, the creator of Sridaiva Shitdaiva Yoga and 3A Yoga Inc. is back! Since we just had our Thanksgiving in Canada, I want to say, under the influence of cold medicine, that I am thankful for... hmm... cold medicine of course! I don't smoke marijuana like the asshole guru John Sans Testicles, ya know!

Just want to start this blog off with a hot guy with a hot fashion sense and a bottle of mayonnaise.
I can totally relate. Sometimes I get confused and don't know if the cups go in the front or back.
Fuck yeah! Murderous Barbie, what's not to love? Courtesy of Mariel Clayton
Caption 1) some weird straight guy's lesbian fantasy
Caption 2) some weird home made redneck amusement park ride
Caption 3) some weird love triangle featured on Jerry Springer
You either get it or you don't, it's just that simiple.
That's right, woman! Know your place!
A classic beauty featured on People of Walmart, I simple can't take my eyes off that belt!
This is how male homosapien determines if the female is ready to mate. In this case, the female is all warm and moist, providing that his fingers aren't in her diaper.
And speaking of diaper... hmm...
She said:  ちょっとまってよ!!!
He said: Oh just pee, lady!
No other way to put it, a man's best friend is a pervert who loves Scrabble.
Speaking of pervert... perversion knows no boundary, even when you are old and need a scooter to move around. You are still a walking hard-on.
PS: be proud of your hard-on if you are over 60, just don't show it to your neighbours or their kids.
Nothing to see here, just some dude drinking his own urine in a survival situation. Move along!
Sensible, fashionable and practical. #WhatWouldJoanSay #WWJS 
For the sanctity of their marriage, I hope he has a large penis. 
It's hard to be objectified as a piece of meat on a daily basis. It's hard!
It's a beautiful picture depicting a bonding moment between a father and his daughter through ice-cream and piss.
Hot sexy hairy guy with guns and shit... I am in love!
"You dress like a whore!"
"No! YOU dress like a whore!"
Crack or thong? I can't decide.
The prostate-exam grapple... "while you're in there, can you check my tonsils, too?"
Caption 1) the fountain of youth in jizz-cuzzi
Caption 2) some men do enjoy getting facials
LOVE <3 <3 <3
I don't think that's coffee.
Young girls curious about what a blowjob feels like
My act when I worked for Cirque du Soleil... don't try this at home without parental supervision.
The dingleberry of yoga! The goddess of compassion! The inventor of gimmicky Sridaiva Shitdaiva Yoga, Mr. John Friend Sans Testicles! You can learn all about John and his coven angels at The Daily Beast and The Huffington Post. Here's the link to my very intimate interview with John and Gasi.
Guruji Jois helping his students engage their mula bandha and vulva bandha
My neighbour's daughter helping her dog engage its mula bandha
I love you, too, cunt!
Nope. And don't hang your shit on me.
Something borrowed, something blue
I think his balls are the something blue.
I know pronounce you Mister and Missus PleasePutSomeFuckingClothesOnFFS. 
Of course, it's party time at the reception!

Namafuckingste Peace out.

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