Sunday, 27 May 2012

What's with the hiatus?

So I have not posted any new blog for two weeks now.

I have not stopped writing... in fact I have about five that are close to be finished. They all have very different flavours... if you are reading this, you should know how serious and raunchy I can be. They are that different.

I stopped because I'm contemplating my next steps, figuratively and literally, my blog, on my yoga mat, my life, my hairstyle, you name it.

2012... the end of the old, the beginning of the new.


Stay tuned. More to come soon.

Friday, 11 May 2012

New and exclusive products from the 3A Yoga Inc.


I am so so so excited to tell you that the 3A Yoga Inc. are bringing out some amazing and groundbreaking yoga products! These exclusive shri-filled products are only available from me, Sarcastic Yogi. You know they will sell out quickly, yes, complete total dharmic sellout. So have your Diners Club Card or Discovery Card handy and prepare to shop at my shri-tail boutique!

The Manduka Evolution Jar of Pubes
I kinda spilled the beans on facebook on this one already. After years of research and erotic massages, it's finally here, The Manduka Evolution Jar of Pubes. This truly is a must-have for all coven leaders and angels. Its unique formula is specifically designed to maximize energy and blood flow in the groin area. The pubes is completely vegan friendly and 99% organic.

Sarcastic Yogi Exclusive Blend of Pubes
I am so excited about having my own blend of pubes for your altar! This signature blend of pubes is the product of shri and intrinsic sweetness of legs opening to grace. It's perfect as a refill to the Manduka Evolution Jar of Pubes. It also comes with a variety of flavour and is a great compliment to tea, coffee, soup and any hummus recipe. No altar or motel room should be without it. This is only a limited-time offer... I am not very hairy.

Friday, 4 May 2012

When the teacher is not the teacher

[DISCLAIMER: I make no reference to anyone specific. If you think it's you, don't blame me. It's all in your head.]

I'll begin with this: all of us seek approval or at least acknowledgement from a being of a certain status, whether it's from God, the divine, a father/mother figure, a guru, the peer, whatever. Even the uber hardcore monks who choose to completely dissolve everything related to them, they do what they do to get "there": samadhi, bliss, release, heaven, final freedom, which in itself is a form of acknowledgement. Or those triathlon nuts, covered in sweat and vomit, crawl to cross that finish line so that they can say "hey mom, I did it". So yes, we all seek approval from that someone or something of perceived authoritative status.

"The teacher" of course is someone of perceived authority... or is he/she?

The role of teacher is a peculiar one. Obviously, it's something that I have been contemplating with a lot these days, both me as a teacher, and others as my teacher. Your teacher can be your friend. Your teacher can be your student. People often forget that many students spend money on teachers, so really, the teacher can be our employee. Your teacher, sadly, can also be an asshole, and there are a lot of those out there. It's a dynamic role, and most certainly one that claims ownership of whatever power that may or may exist. Let me explain...