Monday, 4 June 2012

Yoga is as yoga does

It seems like the world has really gone mad recently... naked man's face got eaten on the street, man killed roomate and ate his heart, some wannabe porn star killed a guy, cut him up, ate some of it, filmed the whole thing and mailed parts of the body to government officials... I simply can't wait to see what else 2012 will bring.

Since this is my first blog in quite some time, and given the recent craziness in the world, I'll keep this one light and short.

Here's a question that I often get: what is yoga?

That is a very loaded question with a somewhat simple answer: it depends. Really.

It is nothing like Scientology. There is no way Tom Cruise and John Travolta would agree to be in a room full of bare chested men wearing tight yoga shorts. Goodness gracious me, no. Unfortunately, the delicious drama of the 3A Yoga school has efficaciously put an equal sign between cult and yoga in many people's mind. Worse yet, some of the 3A yoga devotees have been acting like they are indeed in a cult. Respectfully, those people should consider shutting their pie holes because all they can say is "love light shri beauty divine grace". Alternatively, with love and kindness, I will muzzle each of them with a ball gag. But I digress...

So what is yoga?

When you float from uttanasana to adho mukha svanasana to pincha mayurasana to vrischikasana to urdhva dhanurasana to adho mukha svanasana to uttanasana, that's yoga. Bonus to those who know what it is, extra bonus to those who can do it.

When you are in a heated argument with somebody, and you remember to pause and take a deep breathe (or two or fifty), that's yoga.

When you quit smoking, that's yoga.

When you quit smoking AND stick to it, that's yoga.

When the time comes and you rip off the band-aid even though you know it'll hurt, that's yoga.

When you turn off and walk away from your cell phone for an evening so that you can spend time with your family, friends or just yourself, that's yoga.

When you turn off and walk away from your cell phone for an evening to write a to-do list just for you and yourself only and nobody else but you, that's yoga.

When you stand your ground and call out bullshit, that's yoga.

When you promise yourself not to check facebook for a week and you keep that promise, that's yoga.

Speaking of promise, since I promised a light and short blog, I will save the discussion of dhyana and samadhi for another blog.

Anyway... what is yoga?

It depends.


PS: Should I play nice or unleash the beast of sarcasm in my next blog?


  1. Unleash the beast...that would be Yoga ;)

  2. Unleash the beast.

    Also, releasing the troll from time to time could be awesome ;)