Thursday, 22 August 2013

Best of my Facebook profile pictures: Jesus, dino and other awesome stuff edition

Y'all know Jesus is awesome! Thanks to those Creationism folks like Kirk Cameron, whose drag name is Anita Dayly Bukkake, for their unconditionally selfless non-stop divine immaculate inspiration, I present to you another Best of my Facebook profile pictures, the Jesus, dino and other awesome stuff edition!

Y'all welcome!

Jesus riding his favourite teacup T-Rex, allegedly created by Leonardo DiCaprio da Vinci! 
The epic battle between Jesus and the evil unicorns, this is also the real story behind the seriously marvellous Avengers.
Check out my badass tats! Team Jesus and teacup T-Rex FTW, bitches!
Jesus makes love, not war, with a unicorn. 
Jesus living everyone's fantasy: doing it with twins!
This is like total Sridaiva!
To y'all non-believer, here's da proof! None of that science and evolution nonsense any more, y'all hear!
Jesus making an entrance with his teacup T-Rex
Jesus at the breeder's farm picking out his teacup T-Rex
Jesus immediately bonded with his new teacup T-Rex! Aaaaaw!
Badass intelligent design is like... is like... total badass and intelligent and stuff!
Jesus and his favourite things!
Jesus defended us against aliens! Repent, bitches!
Jesus made a deal with the aliens and showed them he's the boss and they're his bitches!
The mother of all badass mother fuckas!
Badass and immaculate!
Jesus as the spokebadass for NRA
Not even Michael Jackson loves children as much as Jesus.
"Knock! Knock!"
"Who's there?"
"It's Jesus, you mother fucka!"
Jesus is love, bitches!
Jesus is badass!
Jesus loves to party with his favourite boys and teacup T-Rex... it's fun to stay at the Y! M! C! A!
This wasn't posted on Facebook. It's an intelligently designed surprise present from me to y'all! Who knew Jesus starred in Doctor Who?
Another intelligently designed surprise present from me to y'all! I'm not sure why the dinosaurs didn't make it, as it's clearly shown here that they were supposed to be in the same bunk with the pink flamingos and stuff.
An honourable mention, here's a dude who thinks he's Jesus: some asshole Sridaiva yoga guru named John who has no testicles.
Hope y'all enjoy these intelligently designed masterpieces of creationism and stuff.

Namaste, bitches!

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