Sunday, 29 April 2012

It takes three to tango (Part 2)

Just when I thought the yoga drama was slowly and finally subsiding, more gasoline was put into the blazing solar flames.

More fine displays of sensational journalism appeared in the last couple of weeks. More disturbing details have been put forth for the world to see. Titles like "yoga guru wiccan cult oil massage cat fight sex parties scandal" most certainly attract readers and create conversations that are not necessarily helpful or healthy.  Emotions are high, and mudslinging is even higher. When one's reputation and livelihood are at stake, or in some cases, one's dirty laundry is being aired out in the open, no holds barred.

One yogi said it best: open to gross. What a mess.

The Grand Magus is undoubtedly a very despised man. It saddens me to see him, to this day, still hides behind the PR machine and plays victim. It really is a slap in our face that he has time to do photo ops and chills on the beach in Bardados, but has yet to directly and sincerely address his unethical acts. His irresponsible behaviours have already been documented and discussed hundreds of times, so there's no point to keep beating the dead horse. (Here's the link to some background info for the non-yogis.)

But it takes three to tango. Who are the other two?

The shri-mongers are almost as guilty as the GM.
The toxic environment created by them gave the GM a false sense of superiority, put him on the pedestal and gave him the power. The shri-mongering enabled him to abuse that power. Agreeing with everything he says, turning a blind eye on his non-life-affirming activities... that's like not calling 911 when there's a robbery. Inaction is a key ingredient of the poison, to the GM's dilusion and to the falling of the 3A yoga empire. Choosing to be part of the mass exodus and not to speak up, for whatever reason, at the end of the day, still contributed to this mess. This is not about us being bad people. There's no blame on oxygen or water for sustaining Hitler's life. It's just a fact. 

The worst are the extreme shri-mongers. They relentlessly use sugarcoated manipulative rhetoric to invalidate others feelings and opinions. Their intrinsic pretentious sweetness that is laced with arrogance is simply nauseating. I find it particularly annoying how they dismiss others' feelings and continuously present themselves as the holy bitches of love and peace. As another yogi puts it, their offer "poisonous, saccharine barbs" in the disguise of "suggestions, advice, and inspirations, couched in love and light, with pressed together palms", to those who disagree with them. I would equate their "offerings" to candies with needles inside.

Then there are those in bed with the GM, figuratively and literally.

Obviously some of them have had intimate relations with the GM, while some have financial investments in the 3A Yoga Inc. So it's fair to say they all have their alterior motif and hidden agenda. Lets look at those angels in the coven, with the assumption that these women are smart, intelligent individuals, unless they admit to be stupid and gullible, which may be a reason, but not an excuse. They somehow agreed that, at least at the time, giving their teacher/employer erotic massages while kissing with other women, wearing sexy underwear, was a legitimate way to move energy. (More like moving blood flow but I will not go there.) I consider myself to be an open minded, spiritual type of person, but this just reeks of BS. Any woman, married and otherwise, who agrees to such questionable acts, is likely trying to gain something. When they were presented with such an... hmm... offer, and they willingly participated, that means at least at the time they felt it was a good idea and they would benefit from it. They must've signaled that they are open to those kind of... hmm... auspicious rituals. This goes beyond abuse of power. After all, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

The culprit, the enablers, the willing participants: the three in this unfortunate and ugly dance of tango.

Just my two cents.

PS: I would totally be the sexiest high priestess in the coven.

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