Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Can you see the elephant in the room?

So here it goes...

Basically, this all started because of my very dear friend Princess Madgelover... well, kind of... anyway, one day we were on our way to my other very dear friend, Pinky Bombmaker, for a social outing of sort. Princess Madgelover was in a very slightly pissy mood (allegedly! allegedly!). So naturally, without sugarcoating, he called out shit on everyone in our social circle. You know, he is kind and sensitive like that.

"I'm just sayin'! Just throwing it out there!"


There's been some serious yoga drama. No shit. How's that for irony, eh? And let me tell ya, the irony is thick, like a 24oz Fat Burger thick.

And juicy.
It reminded me of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. A gifted parent had a gifted child. The parent went to the dark side while the child took the path of light.
You all know how the story ends.
One thing to remember, the child can continue to grow and inspire, without the parent who is off to lala land.
Fast forward a little...

I suppose the "senior" folks are required to be careful with words. After all, we have all been taught to see beauty in all things. (Shri! Shri! Shri! Blessings! Blessings! Blessings!) Instead of disclosing what's-what... mind you these are all personal stuff and I 104.20% get that... little guys like me ended up with sugary fluff that explained less than nothing. Unfortunately, that just created more confusion and ultimately frustration.

Nobody wants to point out the elephant in the room... or is there one? Stupid and sensitive me, only dropped a hint here and there and tried to be as cryptic as possible. Although the truth is behind a thick wall of sugary sap and protected by wiccan spells, some of us knew.

Fast forward a little more...

Shit hit the fan, finally. Many lessons to be learned (more on those later).

In retrospect, would it have made a difference by asking "hey, is that an elephant in the room?"? Who knows. Throughout this whole thing, which is still developing as I type, I'm impressed by how classy and calm a few people have been. It's hard to stay focused and not get all riled up, especially when it can severely damage your life.

Fast forward even more...

This is basically why I decided to start this blog. Being the little guy with a potty mouth, I have the freedom to be blunt and use whatever colourful language as I see fit, without worrying about "oh fuck! Satya is a no no! I don't want to offend anyone! I'm gonna cover my eyes and keep my mouth shut!".

More importantly, no one will ever read it so I can be slightly less responsible... ok, there is a fundamental difference between speaking one's mind and talking shit about someone with no base, although the latter can be unhealthily delicious. Yeah yeah, I'm aware of that.

Oh the price of being a prominent figure, a community leader... a famous yoga teacher. Anonymity can be auspicious.

asteya = non-stealing

Is it stealing if we don't ask the obvious question?
Is it stealing if we choose to look the other way because the truth is so beyond our comprehension?
Is it stealing if we know the truth but choose to not do or say anything?

"I'm just sayin'! Just throwing it out there!" 


  1. I read this Brian, but I won't tell anyone if you're less than polite and proper!

  2. i will try to be polite, proper, blunt, vulgar, funny... that sounds hard! :)