Sunday, 12 February 2012

Multiple personality disorder in a relationship (Part 1)

Now that we know any relationship is technically a big messy clutter of fuck, lets go deeper into the rabbit hole.

As per me, sarcastic yogi, the most smartest beautifulest thing ever created in all heavens and universe under the 1st Ascension of the High Court of Stargate Voyager... *gasp*... sorry, I got a little carried away...

Everyone, in any relationship, has some kind of social and caste duty in accord with the cosmic order, in that big messy clutter of fuck.

Translation: it ain't a free ride, my love. Work it. Pay up. Prepare to eat crow.

To make it even more fun, a "relationship" can totally be with just you, yourself and your own demons, and naturally you can have more than one "relationship" with you, yourself and your own demons. Party time!

Then you enter into a relationship with another person, who also has his/her own relationships with him/herself, his/her own demons... OMG!

See what I mean? A serious big messy clutter of fuck.

Imagine having relationships with more than two people, and they form their own relationships with or without you... then add Google, iPhone, Blackberry, Facebook, Twitter, Thanksgiving dinner, YouTube, PornTube... an even much more bigger messier clutter of fuck... (or however you Dr. Ph.D.-philosophy-sexy-boom-boom-I-am-above-you-scholars would put it in the proper term)... *inhale*exhale*inhale*... like I said, any relationship is a big messy clutter of fuck... and thanks to me, aka sarcastic yogi, that also includes relationships with strangers, your imaginary friends and your own alter egos...

xt = x0(1 + r)t

where x =duh!, t = huh?, 0 = wtf?, 1 = two shots of tequila  r =...

Ick! This is too heavy... I need food... and a big glass of Canadian Tequila Caesar with a lot of Jose Cuervo!

(end of Part 1)

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